These stories, along with the others that I’ve done with this amazing group of authors, are part of a series of my own called the Spar Island Girls. This is a group of girls that grew up in Bristol, Rhode Island. Off of the city, there’s a little set of islands that are always shifting—there’s more of them exposed at low tide. They’re more land spits in Mt. Hope Bay than islands. But people like to go out there and hang out for the day, and that’s what my Spar Island girls do. (My friends and I used to do this in the Florida Keys – we’d take small grills and hang out for the entire day, or until high tide came in. It was amazing.)
Their parents were all friends growing up, and they would take their boats out and go hang out for the day. Even though most of the girls have moved away, they have never forgotten those friendships.
And there you have it—the Spar Island Girls. Look for them as me and my author besties keep bringing you our delicious collaborations!
Meet Casey in His Naughty Nurse. Part of The Halloween Honeys stories and Spar Island #1.
Head to a holiday dinner with Nadia in Hot Apple Pie. Part of the Second Helpings Short Stories and Spar Island #2.
Follow Cate in Naughty or Nice. Part of the Santa’s Coming Short Stories and Spar Island #3.
Find the start of something new with Annalise in Snow Job. Part of the Resolution Pact Short stories and Spar Island #4.
Look for Nat’s grand scheme in Dear Shy Guy. Part of the Matchmaker Series and Spar Island #5.
Follow Jyn as she heads to Ireland in search of something new in Forever Mine. Part of the Ireland Forever Short Stories and Spar Island #6
And there’s more coming! (Boy, are there ever!)
This is such a fun group of characters to bring together – I hope you love them as much as I do.